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2008-11-07 21:50:53 by Doki

Get it while it's all hot and soft.

W A T C H it H E R e



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2013-09-23 17:11:20

I see it as the dog is the government, and they know that as a general population, we'll obey their every command mindlessly. The dog is the friend of man, so man trusts the dog. As it's being symbolized, "man should trust the government because the government is man's friend too."
The dog practices his dominance by promising the man friends if he grew a tumor. The man blindly does what it's told.
The man begins to realize what it is the government is doing, but before he can call him out, the government gives him another false hope; that he can have his body in order to live. Again, the man blindly obliges. Through corruption and dirty work, the government gets what it wants, and makes the citizens believe it got what it wanted as well.
Point in case: don't trust the government.
I can also see this as a perverted spoof of Christianity.
Man is a helpless creature, so this dog - man's best friend, like how Jesus is the friend of sinners - promises him good things will happen if you listen to him.
The man blindly follows his teachings, and is "martyred" for it by growing a tumor, because it was the dog's will.
The dog then sacrifices itself to give the man life, acting like a Jesus of sorts.
The man, having accepted the offer, is now a "new creation" in Christ.
But this new creation is disgusting and terrifying and now, no one will like it, hinting at the fact that no one likes Christians, and centering around the idea that just because you've changed doesn't mean it's for the better.


2011-07-01 20:20:04

please tell me the name of the song. I can't find it anywhere and I am searching it for a while.



2011-06-02 01:12:48

hmm after i saw this i immediatly had to find different theories other than my own to waht the video means... and after some thinking, i got to a new possible theory...
maybe there is NO hidden meaning, at least not a specific one, perhaps this video is made so that everybody will be interpreting it the way it suits them best, making them see their own private lesson so they can probably grow from it...
so that means that there is the possibility that even if you wanted, you couldn't explain this video, since everybody would be seeing their own personal "version"
there is also of course the simple explanation that you simply made the video with no hidden motives and that the rest is simply the person wanting it to have that certain meaning...
i guess only you know the answer to this puzzle
i would say I'm jealous, but if i knew the magic would disappear wouldn't it....
nice job man :3


2008-11-23 20:02:58

the ending of this was a masterpiece...


2008-11-22 23:58:47

man,you're one damn sick and wicked flash GOD >)


2008-11-22 20:11:14

Does most of the wait between cartoons come from you animating (since it's extremely high quality. The reflection in the water was stunning) or is most of it from you coming up with ideas? So pretty much do you spend most of your time animating your ideas or coming up with your ideas?


2008-11-18 21:23:52

Make a new Salad Fingers or you'll see your first year without a Salad Fingers submission!


2008-11-18 13:02:32

wtf was that


2008-11-15 18:24:23

I admire your work.


2008-11-15 17:58:15

It was magnificent. Don't bother wasting your precious time reading the poor negative reviews of the ignorant.


2008-11-15 00:39:20

I love abstract flash. No point exept to provoke thought and "What the hell was that?" or "What would happen next?". Atleast thats what I do. Awe-inspiring job.


2008-11-14 23:07:51

great job


2008-11-14 16:21:21

the picture above looks like he is goin to eat the dog

you should make an action figure of it MEET MAN EAT DOG WITH REAL LIFE BLOOD


2008-11-14 13:12:21

the supermarket was my fave part, nic work


2008-11-14 07:43:38

I don't get it. It creeps me out, but I don't see why that's a good thing. There must be a purpose in this flash. And I'm failing to see it.

Doki responds:

Why should there be a purpose? I thought of an idea and I made it.


2008-11-14 07:33:45

I love salad fingers but i couldn't get the new one


2008-11-13 12:03:08

Your getting wierder... :O


2008-11-13 02:15:33

fucking awesome! well done firthy


2008-11-12 19:10:50

This is the most twisted, disturbing cartoon you've created so far. I love it and I'm thoroughly weirded out now. Thank you.


2008-11-12 17:51:51

Man, I like your drawing style and art, and not a single horror movie could scare me, but your cartoons are disturbing and scary, i'm ridicoulosly pissed of fright.

You have managed to scare the hell out of me and many more people with your twisted mind and animations.


2008-11-12 17:32:55

i feel with all these animations your making there is a sever lack of podcasts :P


2008-11-12 02:28:02

Horribly morbid and disgusting. In other words, perfect. If only that were salad fingers instead of that man.


2008-11-11 20:45:25

Love it. Great Job.


2008-11-11 19:35:44

i've watched it. why does he want a tumor?


2008-11-11 17:53:51

Creepy cartoon,... why did u have to kill te dog :*(


2008-11-11 00:00:08

Was that some sort of pulch tree?


2008-11-10 23:24:06

I had to listen to it loudly with headphones so even every sound was nice and crisp. Defiantly a favorite, thanks David.


2008-11-10 16:36:35

Damn this guy has nothing in his house, but he invents an incredible machine that can read a dog's mind. The beauty of meta-physics, its why I watch LOST.

The thing that always strikes me when I watch your dark stuff, is like this overwhelming borderline sadness, bringing meaning to ugly insane things.

I do have to wonder if the dog was talking to the man's stomach, because it looks like a sad face on his chest.


2008-11-10 15:01:21

your work reminds me of david lynch which I think you proabbly get a lot.


2008-11-10 04:42:12

Great stuff David, very hard to figure out. Steering away from your series Salad Fingers and BFM on purpose? Personally I like these one-off animations better.


2008-11-09 19:11:27

Disturbing...I loved it :D


2008-11-09 14:23:50

here is something interesting
last month, someone commented on the pre-release screenshot of this:

"I bet the dog is going to break open the vent and get the hell out of the house. And the man will come running after the dog with an axe and the dog will pee on the man and then the cops will jump the dog and beat the living shit out of the dog, which will then fall on said cops, stun them momentarily, and let the dog escape to be once again chased by the man with the axe who was peeded on and is now even more pissed off, and therefore wants to kill the dog even more, and in fact, so much more that he buys his own private army to hunt the dog down, but the dog is lost for 10 years after which the man dies of AIDS and the dog can safely return back to the original house, fix up that vent, and go back to sleep.

an interesting take on the picture, only considering what the final product actually was. I just like imagining those characters acting out what that person thought

Wonderful cartoon. I really really admire how you crank these flashes out with original and fresh styles every time. That's probably what we get for having to wait so long for new cartoons these days.

very good. now I will wait some more


2008-11-09 01:17:05

It was a beautiful, moving piece.


2008-11-08 23:43:16

Dog of Man has to be one of the most screwed up things I've ever watched. I'm gonna show it to people at school just to scare them! XD


2008-11-08 21:30:33

So tell me, how does it feel to be one of the most kick-ass animators on this website?


2008-11-08 20:09:47



2008-11-08 14:53:43

Now that was creepy. Great ideas put into this one.


2008-11-08 11:44:04

I honestly really enjoyed that. Thanks for that one.


2008-11-08 11:28:22

I´m gonna buy myself a tumor on monday.


2008-11-08 05:15:49

haha thats sick!


2008-11-08 04:32:53

I watched it, but I didn't understand it.

There seemed to be a purpose there, but I have no idea what it was.


2008-11-08 03:28:46



2008-11-08 01:01:15

As always, you are the king of creepy sound effects.


2008-11-08 00:26:46

Well David, I couldn't review your flash submission because I'm review banned, so I'll just leave my review here...

Freaking awesome
To tell the truth, I didn't really like SF 8 and BFM 8 as much as I liked the other ones, and I was getting worried... but after watching this for the 3rd time, I am reassured of your brilliance.

- The gore was very effective, especially when he came back as the mandog and left the bloody handprints, that was an excellent touch I thought.

- When he tore his skin to plant the seeds, the sound effect fitted perfectly.

- The licking sound effect of the dog made was funny but creepy at the same time.

- Well done on the nodding effect of the guys head.

- The character design for the dog was brilliant....

Score: 10/10

I have a theory.
That machine he had that plugged into the dogs head... I think it actually said his own thoughts (the mans). I am basing this upon the fact that his eyes went to the back of his head when he used it, and that when he was using while he was dying, the voice would take pauses because he was dying and couldn't think very well.


2008-11-07 23:48:41

I'm equally amused as well as disturbed.


2008-11-07 22:58:49

I can only imagine what sick twisted fate awaits me when i watch this.


2008-11-07 22:44:31

That was really creepy. I like Salad Fingers better.


2008-11-07 22:38:50



2008-11-07 22:35:53

this one seems special, david.

i quite like it.


2008-11-07 22:35:13

Man i'd like to place my hands upon your fucking sexy ass and SQUEEZE