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SF9 = Done. You can watch it tomorrow (maybe)

2011-05-25 22:50:14 by Doki

I have spent too much time on this one. Once I have uploaded it I won't watch it again for years. I'm only just unsick of the last one. Marcus Fjellstrom has composed all the music for it, giving it a more cinematic feel. I have sent him the file to approve the audio levels so as soon as he gives me his thumbs up, it's ready to roll.

It is called "Letter" - a title that gives away nothing about the actual plot.
It is 8 minutes long.
It is the biggest file I will have ever submitted to newgrounds at 13mb (this is due to much higher quality audio, higher resolution and the fact that it is 8 minutes long)
It has taken me 2 months to make.


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2011-05-25 23:03:42

Can't wait to see it!


2011-05-25 23:09:14

daaaaam, i thought they were at street fighter 4.


2011-05-25 23:25:33

I have been dying to see this


2011-05-26 13:56:16

Nice man. Give your self a pat on the back you did your self a job well done.


2011-05-26 15:40:59

Yet another twisted masterpiece by the Picasso of flash animation. Great work Dave, glad to see your classic work again.


2011-05-26 16:09:58

I love salad finger, especially the one with the taps. You know, the one where he said "I've always dreamed of taps." then ended up floating with taps in his dream and got put in a cage.