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Fat-Pie stuff coming soon

Posted by Doki - July 16th, 2007

I have news for all.

Coming soon:

1. Salad Fingers Episode 8: "Cupboard"

I've completed this but I'm just in the process of aquiring some rights to a bit of music I made the mistake of kindly asking to use.

2. Burnt Face Man episode 8. Possibly soon, but it's causing me a few problems so it might be a while yet.

3. Health Reminder. It's important that I tell you a few things. New cartoon about stuff. i don't really like to give too much away. But it's semi silly.

I've also made a new Locust Toybox album called "Felt Crayons" you can download and use in your flash cartoons if you want. I don't mind. I made it for fun. Get it here.

So to summarise, even though I've been a bit quiet recently there is a lot in the pipeline.


Comments (25)

Oh my gosh I can't wait for Salad fingers episode 8!!! I keep watching them over and over again.


First off, Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of your music. Chances are I'll use it in my first flash (I'll make triply sure to credit you :).)
I'm also beyond ecstatic that you're back at working on Salad Fingers (I'm almost frightened at what could be in this cupboard).
Finally, THANK YOU for the hours of mindless, yet oh so worth it, entertainment that you, and even Jerry Jackson have brought me :D.

Can't wait to see the new Salad Fingers and Burnt Face Man movies. :-D

I'm looking forward to all of this!

I've just watched your Sock episodes.

I've never had so muh fun looking into such a strange world. Brilliantly done. I wonder if you ever plan on making more.

Alwats good to hear our favourite flash artists a busy little bees in reality.
They seem so lazy for months on end but its all deceptive.

Keep up the amazing work, and don't stop laughing in the face of the haters

Its been nearly a month. Where is that new Salad fingers video?

Can't wait for Salad Fingers. Keep up the good work. ^..

I knew the sound was better than before! The stereo is great! I voted 5/5 and reviewed 10/10

You are the first user to have ever made a blog!!

Congrats! 3rd blog

Yeah I'm quite impressed that out of almost half a million blog posts so far, this was the third one, and the first by someone without the surname "Fulp".

what the fuck is wong with u but i love it i love creepy shit ever stop


Those cartoons are great! I just have one question: Do the buildings still argue?

More Devvo, plz.

First ever newspost right ere'.

Love your stuff btw.



So this is the oldest remaining artist post on NG. Awesome.

I got curious to see what the earliest use post was, this is currently it

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