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Was that 60fps?

So smooth.

DanielCuervo responds:

nope it was 12 fps

What happened to newgrounds reviewers?

You bunch of whining little brats! This is silly and fun. Take your dicks out of your blow-up halo dolls and grow a sense of humour.

golfinho responds:

:O!!!! You are a legend!


Think of a famous video game, apply its logic to the real world and hilarity will write itself. That's how you make money from this sort of thing. And there you were, thinking clever comedy sketches, seemingly crafted from nothing, perfectly executed and free of pop culture references were going to get you anywhere. You're a fool, Alanthebox. You're the sort of person society needs to keep busy, to quell those unique thoughts, to extinguish that creative fire and keep you away from the happily stagnant world of moving images. 15,000 views in 8 years. You'd get that in a day if you'd only poke fun at Halo.

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Really good.

An absolute joy to play. The level of innovation reminded me of Braid. It would be great to see a sequel to this on PSN / Xbox Live.

Addictive Simplicity

Very simple, very well thought out and very addictive. I've gotten a few of my friends into this and they agree. There aren't too many flash games that can eat the hours like this one. I see a lot of people demanding more options and more customization, but that would kill it. The reason this is so effective is you just put your name and play! No configuring settings, no changing your tank to look how you want it, no wasting time. As soon as you're dead that's it, make way for the next player without even saying goodbye. The coding makes cheating and abuse virtually impossible, you shoot your own team mate and you get hurt for it. Everything is so well done.

Best flash game I have ever played.

That was beautiful. The phsyics and level design were perfect. It had a sort of Mario World feel to it and didn't feel like I was playing a flash game at all. This and Alien Hominid stand miles above everything else. Get a console release. 2D is not dead.

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Newgrounds needs more of this

Newgrounds needs more real classical music recorded with real instruments. This is just perfect. I may use this at some point.

Stickserious responds:

thank you! exactly my point as well.

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Wow his skin is cleaning up nicely.

Marklikeart responds:

Steroids works wonders!


I make cartoons and crap. I also make videos, podcasts and do a bit of writing. I make music as Locust Toybox, I'm The Manager and with the Grape Diggers (+others). fat-pie.com twitter.com/david_firth

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Was shit

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