Teens React To Salad Fingers

2012-08-09 10:25:06 by Doki

I find this really weird to watch. Kids talk about my cartoon.

I got loads of hits from this.....


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2012-08-09 10:48:02

Salad Fingers is totally weird.


2012-08-09 10:48:30

im not really into salad fingers because it lacks something


2012-08-09 11:09:28

They should make the "kids react" version, that would be hilarious (and scaring for the kids)


2012-08-09 11:24:18

I've been watching your cartoons since I was a kid and I've gown up to became a very normal, healthy and lonely schizophrenic.


2012-08-09 12:06:05

Eight years later but it's new to them... isn't it weird to think generations of teens will be reacting to Salad Fingers after we're all dead?


2012-08-09 12:08:51

Also sad to think some day THAT video on YouTube will have more views than Salad Fingers on NG.

Doki responds:

It probably will do in a couple of weeks, their channel is pretty popular. I am actually amazed at the highly subbed channels on youtube that keep springing out of nowhere - it's like a battle to be the most consistently annoying and stupid.

I blame Apple.


2012-08-09 12:09:50

Teens these days can't handle Salad Fingers' awesomeness.


2012-08-09 13:36:06

There's a "before YouTube"? I'm sorry, what?


2012-08-09 21:30:03

oh boy, that thing has a behemoth of links, and NONE of those redirect to newgrounds, i feel like a hipster... ugh argh, now i feel like a snob yeah thats more cool, now i read tom's comment about times when i'm already dead, since i wanna live forever now i'm a little depressed, i remind my self of that awesome snob felling i just have, yeah, ego solves a lot of things...


2012-08-09 23:23:44

This just crushed my belief that everyone, EVER, has seen salad fingers and loves it. :'( Really how couldn't they have liked it? I remember when Salad Fingers came out, I was in love!
What was even weirder is when they picked it apart at the end though.... You're not supposed to ask why he's named Salad Fingers and why he likes rust! You're supposed to love that.
What an awkward video.


2012-08-10 05:06:46

Salad fingers is awsome, those kids seem very pathetic and weird to me.


2012-08-10 15:42:18

Funny how they are all teens, yet talk about the film Hostel. So much for 18 rated.


2012-08-10 19:32:24

I watched that shit when I was younger than them, and it was just as awesome as it is now.


2012-08-11 11:27:03

You're all sad old men.


2012-08-12 17:38:20

I'm kind of sad that most of these people are my age. The video was also a pretty uncomfortable thing to watch


2012-08-18 06:53:08

ok now these teens need to do a react on the awesome series
cause i would like to see these teens stupid reactions to that


2012-08-21 20:44:22

It's a shame that these kids will never truly appreciate your art and this gem of a series Salad Fingers is. And ALL your other cartoons.


2012-08-25 20:47:33

It seemed like every one of those teens individual understood a very small aspect of Salad Fingers, but none of them got the whole picture.


2012-08-27 22:26:30

That's disgusting.


2012-10-15 21:20:51

this sounds pretentious, but..everyone in my class watches (and quotes) salad fingers. But for some reason I feel like i'm the only person that watches your stuff. probably because they always say something along the lines of "Lol rusty spoons RANDOM!!"