Listen to my comedy thing.

2013-07-01 20:25:22 by Doki

What's going on with embeds? I click embed video, I enter the embed code and it tells me "no url found"?

So here is a link but I'd rather embed:

It's the latest episode of my audio comedy thing. Go on, give it a listen.


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2013-07-01 20:51:13

when you click it, it auto-embeds anyway.

Doki responds:

Yeah I found that out. I just thought I was doing something wrong.


2013-07-01 20:57:32

Insert snarky comment about how Newgrounds isn't particularly up to date with how the rest of the internet works here.

Always enjoy me some Waller FM. Hows the travelling around Europe going?

Doki responds:

I got back.


2013-07-01 22:44:55

This is good.


2013-07-01 23:15:10

You guys are freaking nuts.
Thanks for the good times.
May you never change.


2013-07-02 01:27:33

Holy shit, what language are you people speaking?


2013-07-02 18:37:00

How is "The Meadow Man" coming along?


2013-07-03 04:59:37

Hilarious babble, love it.
Say, what has Jerry Jackson been up to as of late???


2013-07-03 13:43:46

I was here, and I killed Embeder.


2013-07-04 04:09:22

youtube changed their embed code? tried the old code option. i guess its too old.


2013-07-25 22:49:24

No matter how horrified people are of your cartoons, you are still one of the cutest things ever.
I'm sorry.
I won't take it back either.
But still, I'm sorry.