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I make cartoons and crap. I also make videos, podcasts and do a bit of writing. I make music as Locust Toybox, I'm The Manager and with the Grape Diggers (+others). fat-pie.com twitter.com/david_firth

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Documentary about me

Posted by Doki - July 28th, 2013

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wARTupdJVW8&featu re=youtu.be&a

This one is about me. We filmed it in an abandoned retirement home.

Comments (37)

oh my oh my

Whoa! You really don't look like that guy from google.

Who does?

Added to my Watch Later list, because I appreciate too many fine artists. I look forward to eventually seeing what fun was had on camera. ;)

You can truly do it all man.
Funny, sad, disturbing.
You're on of NG's greats.

Any man who calls himself Bing must be either homosexual or have a mental disorder

Do you actually spend time in the abandoned building? Or was that just staged for the documentary?

I do like to go to places like that but not every day or every week even. I have never gone to one to write, I usually just take photos, take anything interesting, draw on the walls and then leave. I do write in the woods though.

That was very entertaining to watch, cheers.

Thanks for the link good Sir!
Love your material, been a fan since the first Salad Fingers. Really really cool to see what's going on in your mind. The way you can capture a viewers feeling just go so deep, your tentacles reach extremely far in to the emotional dark side of myself and many with me.
Thanks again!

You're an absolute inspiration to a lot of us.

That was awesome, can't wait for Birthday!

You leave a lot to imagination. That is the key to how interesting something can be to a wide audience.

very cool and interesting :)

hold it! your things had a linear plot line? wao, each day we learn a new thing XD.
now i have to see if my theories were right.

That was great man,congrats!looking forward to the next SF episode

Awesome! It was cool to finally see your setup and everything!

Awesome! It was cool to finally see your setup and everything! I always pictured your studio being in a abandoned house like the one you showed Bing haha.


I'm quite certain that you had mentioned those death threats before, and you may have already answered this question, but I was just wondering if there were any particular ones that were amusing to read.

Excellent work all around

Ren & Stimpy, The Twilight Zone, Invader Zim, BoC, Squarepusher... You have wonderful taste.
I'd really like to see some of the drawings you have pinned to your wall up close, would you consider putting them up here on NG?

Thanks for the inspiration.

Also, as I type this you're 2 fans away from 15k here, so congrats for that.

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