Documentary about me

2013-07-28 10:50:39 by Doki

This one is about me. We filmed it in an abandoned retirement home.


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2013-07-28 10:59:14

oh my oh my


2013-07-28 11:15:47

Whoa! You really don't look like that guy from google.

Doki responds:

Who does?


2013-07-28 11:26:22

Added to my Watch Later list, because I appreciate too many fine artists. I look forward to eventually seeing what fun was had on camera. ;)


2013-07-28 12:38:54

You can truly do it all man.
Funny, sad, disturbing.
You're on of NG's greats.


2013-07-28 13:04:11

Any man who calls himself Bing must be either homosexual or have a mental disorder


2013-07-28 13:22:51

Do you actually spend time in the abandoned building? Or was that just staged for the documentary?

Doki responds:

I do like to go to places like that but not every day or every week even. I have never gone to one to write, I usually just take photos, take anything interesting, draw on the walls and then leave. I do write in the woods though.


2013-07-28 14:24:09

That was very entertaining to watch, cheers.


2013-07-28 15:43:41

Thanks for the link good Sir!
Love your material, been a fan since the first Salad Fingers. Really really cool to see what's going on in your mind. The way you can capture a viewers feeling just go so deep, your tentacles reach extremely far in to the emotional dark side of myself and many with me.
Thanks again!


2013-07-28 16:13:52

You're an absolute inspiration to a lot of us.


2013-07-28 17:17:41

That was awesome, can't wait for Birthday!


2013-07-28 17:28:53

You leave a lot to imagination. That is the key to how interesting something can be to a wide audience.


2013-07-28 17:32:57

very cool and interesting :)


2013-07-28 17:47:58

hold it! your things had a linear plot line? wao, each day we learn a new thing XD.
now i have to see if my theories were right.


2013-07-28 19:55:17

That was great man,congrats!looking forward to the next SF episode


2013-07-28 21:00:25

Awesome! It was cool to finally see your setup and everything!


2013-07-28 21:01:31

Awesome! It was cool to finally see your setup and everything! I always pictured your studio being in a abandoned house like the one you showed Bing haha.


2013-07-28 22:16:42



2013-07-28 22:38:54

I'm quite certain that you had mentioned those death threats before, and you may have already answered this question, but I was just wondering if there were any particular ones that were amusing to read.


2013-07-29 04:19:55

Excellent work all around


2013-07-29 11:59:17

Ren & Stimpy, The Twilight Zone, Invader Zim, BoC, Squarepusher... You have wonderful taste.
I'd really like to see some of the drawings you have pinned to your wall up close, would you consider putting them up here on NG?

Thanks for the inspiration.

Also, as I type this you're 2 fans away from 15k here, so congrats for that.


2013-07-29 12:01:57

That was great insight. cheers


2013-07-29 14:15:19

Man that's gorgeous.


2013-07-29 16:38:52

Do you browse /mu/?


2013-07-29 17:00:25

Fascinating, it was great to be able to meet, so to speak, the man behind it all.

Thanks fora agreeing to be on the show!

And I look forward to seeing how all your different projects come out...



2013-07-29 17:46:01

I really can't wait for the Meadow Man. If you're claiming it's going to be the longest and best work you've ever done then it absolutely cannot disappoint. I have been watching your videos almost religiously recently, there's something rather "homie" about them and your voice acting makes every line so unforgettable.
I also hope for a continuation of Spoilsbury Toastboy, I love those bastardly beetles.


2013-07-29 17:53:46

This is great!


2013-07-29 18:51:09

Jesus bloody Christ!

The creative exploration seems really fun and interesting, and I totally get it, even though watching any of these cartoons for more than 5 seconds gives me an anxiety attack.


2013-07-30 06:30:47

I've got to go sleep on this now.


2013-07-30 11:07:52

I uhhh... must say, you look like a normal human, and It's great to hear that you're still working on salad fingers, I would think that because of your mixed up personality and texture reference, you would work on all sorts of different things, and not stay on that kind of series for a enormous amount of time. And I must say, the documentary was very nice, but I thought you would have at least did a salad fingers voice, Speaking of which; do you do anything to edit your voice on the computer when making salad fingers, or is it completely you just doing a different sounding tone/voice.


2013-07-31 06:52:17

I am jealous of you. You have Clark's Body Riddle album on vinyl. I have it on CD. At least it's the Japanese version with the bonus track.


2013-07-31 17:48:28

Your the one who inspired me to do animations. I think the time I saw saladfingers, I thought it is just some kind of a crazy animation. I found another episodes, and I realised that it`s real deal, and that the guy who` making this should be genius. This documentary shows a lot, because years before I thought David is some misterious guy with some very creepy animations and amazing music. This movie was a good restart for me. Lets get back to mind blowing ideas.


2013-08-08 13:52:29

Oh the mind & life of someone who is known for psychological horror is so odd to see(!)

From the depths of 2004 & 007, you would of been creating some Jerry Jackson stuff, or maybe another cartoon that reflects of how stupid and messed-up society is. You know, the common acts of you and your writing. Speaking of old-times; what changed(?) - The quality of textures? Well, yes, that's about it isn't it, David? You've stuck true tpo what you've done for the last ten years. Good on you!

You know, it was nice for me to see your house and computer, it gave a face to my psychological criminal, you and your stubble should get back to work. Thanks for reading David. Bye!

~Long, Long, Long time fan.


2013-08-17 03:02:26

Hearing you talk about Meadow Man coming to a halt was really saddening. I hope that it's not been cancelled completely but rather just put on the backburner for now.


2013-10-07 20:22:41

Boy, it's been almost ten years I first watched your videos now, I could almost consider it as nostalgia, back where I used to browse very regularly the Newgrounds Flash Portal.

Anyway, this is a very inspiring and wonderful interview, I particularly appreciated the parts where you explain your vinyl record fondness and the texture artworks on your animations.
I hope your long-length feature will be complete one day.


2013-10-25 01:24:40

I've been keeping up with your series since I was in high school. It's been inspiring to my own work though I have moved more into graphics work than Flash now. Regardless, seeing a progression like this motivates me to do the same.

Though it still makes me wonder, do you ever get worried that you might lose a source of inspiration for these ideas you have? I'm not sure if it's inexhaustible but you do not seem to take from every day life as some cartoons thrive from.

Looking forward to seeing the newest additions to your work.


2013-11-16 11:25:44

You're amazing.


2013-11-17 00:12:40

Wow this was great. It's nice to see the man behind the animation. I can't tell you how many hours my best friend and I have just sat and watched your videos. I don't think I'll ever get tired of them.