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Salad Fingers 10

Posted by Doki - November 24th, 2013


Brand new episode!
Brand new episode!
Brand new episode!
Brand new episode!
Brand new episode!
Brand new episode!

It is ten minutes long, it is no longer a flash cartoon and it took me forever. (A lot of it was animated in flash but there is no SWF)

Salad Fingers 10

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Wow never thought we'd get another one of these. Is this gonna be the finale because the ending sort of felt like one.

Also Burnt Face man soon?

This was brilliant man. Please don't let it be the last one! Salad fingers is my favourite flash horror movie series!

I wonder if I'll ever get to watch this series

In lieu of a proper review, let me say this instead: Amazing. Incredibly disturbing on so many levels, it raises even more questions about what's going on (with each new scene providing increasingly worrisome implications!) and is fantastically creative.

Polished as hell. And damned (in multiple senses!) brilliant.


So many questions arise from this episode, and I really hope this isn't the ending of the series.

Overall, this was a great episode, but one thing I felt was missing in this episode is the classic "salad finger is scared" melody. One thing that really caught my eye was how well made the animation is in this episode compared to the other ones! Keep up the good work, man! Hope to see more Salad Fingers from you in the future.

auto FP'd

Cheers Tom!

Kick-ass animation and intoxicating atmosphere.

I enjoyed the mixture of AE and Flash, but have you ever considered animating a stylistically radically different Salad Fingers, kind of like your Three Skins animation? It'd be interesting to see that.


you're a legend

Best one yet ^^

Even if it takes another couple of years... I shall wait for the next episode. This was amazing. <3

No SWF isn't really uncommon anymore, no worries. Also great job! :) Missed SF.

So... he's a zombie that hasn't lost his conscience?

So wait, was this the final episode of Salad Fingers? While I'd miss my long-fingered friend, this would be one hell of a send-off.

Since this is the final episode, can you make dolan series next?

No one said it was the final episode and I don't know what Dolan is.

I fucking love you David! beena fan since the beginning man! :)

Well worth the wait, SaladFingers/10.

Great job as always David! Keep up the perfect work!

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