New Locust Toybox album

2014-03-30 10:44:27 by Doki

Hello. I have made a new Locust Toybox album called "Stringland". Locust Toybox is music I make with real instruments, computers, samples and a bit of my voice. I try and sound like nothing else but I'm sure it'll remind you of something. I use Locust Toybox music in almost all of my cartoons......but this album is not just background ambience - it is meant for listening to. Some of the songs are quite upbeat. I make music that I would want to hear. Anyway you've probably already decided whether or not to give it a try, so I'll waste your time no longer and throw you a link. You can listen to it for free or buy it for a fiver (that's £5) - but I'll also make it free to download eventually. I just thought I'd see if anyone would ever pay for my music (and some people have already - so thanks for that)



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2014-03-30 12:16:00

Awesome. I think I'll buy that. :B


2014-03-30 12:58:09

Woah, interesting! i'll give your albums a try...
You're very nice for letting people use them : P If I could donate I would feel good by doing it.


2014-03-30 17:59:10

It's awesome. It's worth every penny.


2014-03-30 18:16:04

ah yes thank you


2014-03-30 22:04:55

I paid double because i've been listening to your music, particularly while im working since about 2008. This album will be no different.


2014-03-31 22:42:48

I've been waiting for the next album for so long. Already getting hooked, thanks David!


2014-04-03 15:44:05

Bought it, getting ready to listen.


2014-04-04 00:48:44

Wow, simply wow... I listened and it's like being inside a freed mind, the same way about the rest of your work.

Really neat. Thanks.


2014-05-05 04:16:08

locust toybox cant not be another pseudonym for rdj?? cant it?


2014-08-07 12:59:07

Yeah feel free to take another decade to make another one please...your work is way too fucked up.