Flying Lotus video

2014-11-03 10:07:54 by Doki

I animated the new Flying Lotus music video:



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2014-11-03 10:26:49

Very disturbing and utterly surreal. Wondering what's the meaning of it all. Makes me feel uncomfortable and makes me think of how this crazy things called hunger, craving and greed drive us all, Great job!


2014-11-03 10:46:03

Awesome vid and song. That old man and pregnant woman make a good couple.

(Updated ) Doki responds:

It was meant to be his deformed son. I guess the tits and pregnant belly make him look woman like.


2014-11-03 11:00:22

Flying lotus had the honour of providing some background sound for your talent rather then the other way around from the look and sound of things.

Congratulations being on vevo, i hope it leads to more interesting opportunities for you.


2014-11-03 11:18:17

Beautifully twisted! If you could make a music video for any band / musician in the world, who would it be?

Doki responds:

Aphex Twin, but the song would have to be under 3 minutes. Apart from that I'd probably say no to just about anyone -it's way too much work.


2014-11-03 11:24:03

great job, please tell us more about the meaning

Doki responds:

That is not for me to know. I just listened to the song and it came into my head. Plus Flying Lotus said he wanted to be chopped up, so I did that.


2014-11-03 11:54:44

Can't watch that in my country :(
Stupid GEMA....

Doki responds:

Here have a download


2014-11-03 14:10:01

Congratulations! Fascinating work (as always).


2014-11-03 15:03:43

Amazing! Nice to see you're getting bigger and bigger!


2014-11-03 17:32:56

fucking cool, man


2014-11-03 18:13:23

Amazing work!


2014-11-03 23:18:25

Awsome indeed the song however....


2014-11-03 23:51:04

I love how creative all the imagery is.
It's so different and uniquely but equally twisted scene to scene.
The animation and art is great too,
Shit man, the world isn't ready for your genius.


2014-11-04 13:14:08

I go on to fat-pie and click the "play all" on the cartoon side. Your films are hauntlingly calming and they help me relax, and I usually fall asleep to them. While I was watching, "When Blackbirds Fly," I thought, "David must have had his hand in this, I see it!" Sure enough, you're the 3rd author down.
So the night the Flying Lotus music video showed up on your website, I was excited!!
What a beautiful, elegant, and precise piece of work! I can see you've pushed your boundaries successfully again to create truly unique and creative!!
Well done!


2014-11-04 16:41:32

I wasn't ready for that, hahahahaha get it cuz..ready err not....
Great vid!


2014-11-08 19:07:43

It makes me sad that a lot of people will say that this video is disgusting and creppy and all that shit.They will never see this in an artistical way. Great job.


2014-11-14 17:10:48

i really do think the animation and music wouldn't make sense without each other...
your works always help me relax when i need to see something disturbing happening. great job on this one!


2014-11-16 07:02:06

Brilliant. Recently saw your interview with Bing. You've come a long way since then it seems.


2014-11-29 21:21:58

Very intriguing, good work again!


2014-12-02 21:49:00

I showed this to my friends in school, and I must say it did not turn out well. I must say it's not really a loss, THEY can't appreciate good art :)


2014-12-06 11:42:40

and it's one of the best animators i know combined with my favorite musician