Watch my new animation

2014-12-21 14:31:50 by Doki

This is Health Reminder #3 - The Unfixable Thought Machine

I made the audio slightly better for this version - ultimate edition! 



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2014-12-21 17:13:29

ULTIMATE!!! I popped it into the BIG BOX!


2014-12-21 17:22:41

I love everything you've ever made and I hope you never stop until you die.


2014-12-21 20:35:02

Awesome! Glad to see you still animating after all this time. You've always been my fav ^^


2014-12-22 07:11:22

great, the music seems to be much louder in this one compared to the YT version. Either that or I'm having a rather nice placebo effect.


2014-12-22 11:00:16

Brilliantly maddening.


2015-01-01 10:47:30

ouch Newgaf

I also love your shit and I hope you never die and at least sporadically produce new content during that infinite period.

Not sure why Newgaf is so dead set on you dying horribly.