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Screening (WORLD PREMIERE) in London

Posted by Doki - October 29th, 2016

Hey there kiddies. It's your Uncle David.

I've made 2 new things which are both going to be screened for the first time EVER in London on the 16th NOV at a cinema.

On Tuesday I have a video coming out explaining all this but I thought I'd give any Newgrounds people a heads-up.

One is Cream, a 10 minutes long animation that I spent a year working on - trailer here

and the other is Umbilical World, which is a feature length mash-up of loads of my stuff - all edited to be part of the same world. It all flows together into a stream of nightmare consciousness. There is loads of new stuff in there, as well as old stuff re-imagined, remastered, recut. It's a new/old experience. It's an attempt to be the ultimate representation of my stuff so far, packaged into 75mins or so.

It's at the Regent Street Cinema and tickets are £15 get them here


Hope to see you there.

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hey david, you're probs not gonna get a chance to read this, but I just wanted to say you've always been a huge inspiration for me as an artist and for most of us here, growing up on NG. I just love how your work can just reach into the deepest, darkest parts of our subconscious and pull out fears we didn't even know we had, as well as just being plain satirical and silly sometimes. You're a quality animator with some pretty sick ideas and I admire you. Can't wait to see your next project!!

How's the Meadow Man doing?

Umbelical World and Cream has me really excited, wish i could go see them on the big screen!
Can't wait to see how all your animations end up fiting together in UmbelicalWorld, hope we will be able to see it online soon.

Hope your screening is a sucess!

This is one of the things that makes Newgrounds so goddamn special.

Thank you for sharing, Uncle David. Stoked to see the new material. Good luck at your screening.

this seems like a salad fingers sequal for some reason

Any current plans for how these will be distributed after the screening?

Not sure. I'm on Brainfeeder now, so their job is distribution and stuff. I just concentrate on making stuff. I think we are planning to go on the road and do some screenings around the US.

David, David, David... I move out of London to Tokyo and two months later you do this?

I feel distraught and abandoned and terribly upset... T_T

After US, consider Canada! A screening in Ottawa would be just grand. :D

that's awesome!
is it a horror type thing?

Long time fan. Unfortunately I don't live anywhere close to London so I guess I'll have to be patient. Also where's Meadow Man? :)