The News Hasn't Happened Yet

2017-03-14 15:54:50 by Doki

Hello you gorgeous bitches.

I cut off my face and put it onto some news footage to make a crazy narrative. 



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2017-03-14 16:26:31

i thought this was an actual update vid lmao


2017-03-14 17:16:46

About sums up the News at the mo.


2017-03-14 18:00:26

Brilliant as always.


2017-03-14 19:00:49

Properly educational!


2017-03-14 19:05:54

made me smarter


2017-03-14 19:33:50

I always knew that the news are controlled by the moon people. Thank you for enlightening the masses.


2017-03-14 20:57:56

I love you David Fasbender.


2017-03-15 10:18:40

That was a lot of fun! What software do you use to match the face movement up to the heads? How well does it auto-track vs you having to manually adjust?

Doki responds:

It is pretty manual. I do the whole thing in After Effects. News readers are the easiest because they keep looking at the camera. I track faces and then cut out my own face to attach. Those weird distortion effects when the head turns are just keyframed warping. It's a flawed technique but can add a surreal element. Colour / contrast matching is harder than the tracking itself. Using after effects to add shadows and highlights and change the shape of my face can become an obsession. I reckon I could spend a whole week on a single face replacement to get it perfect. Maybe I will one day.


2017-03-15 22:30:48

Wooah, Was the Dog Ban applied on the Moon too?
This was strangely refreshing to watch, keep them coming, would be fun to find some more of these!


2017-06-01 09:02:59

Can I have some Cream?


2017-06-26 20:30:16

you belong on a plaque.. somewhere, like, on a wall or something.. The plaque should not be too fancy though. You know? Just fancy enough. And if people look directly at it their insides start to melt.


2017-09-09 18:57:10

As dissonant and uncomfortable as ever! Good stuff!