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I have spent too much time on this one. Once I have uploaded it I won't watch it again for years. I'm only just unsick of the last one. Marcus Fjellstrom has composed all the music for it, giving it a more cinematic feel. I have sent him the file to approve the audio levels so as soon as he gives me his thumbs up, it's ready to roll.

It is called "Letter" - a title that gives away nothing about the actual plot.
It is 8 minutes long.
It is the biggest file I will have ever submitted to newgrounds at 13mb (this is due to much higher quality audio, higher resolution and the fact that it is 8 minutes long)
It has taken me 2 months to make.

Salad Fingers #9

2011-03-28 20:13:15 by Doki

Coming soon.

New cartoon for BBC

2011-01-04 17:56:37 by Doki


This one is about a talking cunt.

Cartoon - Ain't Got Shit

2010-12-13 11:15:00 by Doki

Blah blah blah
do this do that
stop that
do more of this
used to be
lost it
too much
once was.

Saved you the commenting efforts there. I made a cartoon based on some improvised dialogue. I made it from bits of photos I found on google images. I want to submit to NG but it doesn't run smooth in SWF + massive file size.

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2010-12-03 18:09:40 by Doki

Episode 3 of 6.



2010-10-24 17:19:48 by Doki qbwn/david_firth_drillbithead_makes_a_

The second of six cartoons for the BBC.

Between making these I am also still working solidly on my film The Meadow Man, which I haven't really reported much about. This is because, despite me working around the clock, day in, day out, practically living inside my film, there is still nothing exciting to report or present to you. But be patient, because it will arrive, it will be over an hour long and it will be the best thing I have ever made.


Cartoon I did for BBC

2010-10-07 18:53:57 by Doki
Updated gcp4/david_firth_drilbithead_and_the_n ew_best_friend/

I made a few cartoons for the BBC. This is episode #1 of 6.

Cartoon I did for BBC

I am not a serial killer.

2010-08-21 13:06:51 by Doki

It's true I am not.

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Voice actors confirmed for my movie

2010-02-11 13:11:02 by Doki

I have chosen the voice actors for my feature. They are:

Andrew Dennis
Tam Hinton
Joshua Tomar
Beag Horn

They will be joining Crust and Myself, providing voices for the 90 something characters that rattle around my film. There were over 600 voice demos sent to me with some great talent on show. I would like to thank everyone for their efforts. A+ all round.


2010-01-29 12:20:01 by Doki

My band the Grape Digging Sharon Fruits have recorded a new album. Give it a try.

Download it here