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Salad Fingers 8 is here.

2007-09-22 01:12:33 by Doki

Go get it.

Watch Salad Fingers 8

(edit)So I picked a bad day to submit this eh? I didn't even know there was a "Madness Day"

Salad Fingers 8 is here.

Fat-Pie Update

2007-09-12 22:50:34 by Doki

Hello there. Apologies for promising a new Salad Fingers and then not releasing it. I'm still waiting for permission for the music. I had to ask a friend to write up an agreement for the musician (he requested one) and now we're waiting for a response.

Anyway that doesn't mean I've been doing nothing. I've just completed an animated segment for Jim Ether's forthcoming movie entitled "Onward To Calgary" (screen shot below). He supplied the Audio and I made some visuals to accompany. He's got a few other animators on board as well, so it should be very interesting to see how that comes out.

Also, we (Crust and myself) have been recording a series of audio segments and sketches, eventually, hopefully for some variety of Fat-Pie podcast type thing. So far it's been pretty crazy and a quite a challenge as we've been ad-libbing the entire thing. Don't expect anything soon though, we're aiming to record a whole series before we release anything.

But, the main project I've been working on, again with Crust, is a series of mini cartoons for Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe. Rather than focusing them on Television as before, we're going for more of a narrative approach using characters we've been developing for years, ones that have appeared in some of the old Fat-Pie full lengths and a host of new ones. We've tried pushing this concept for a Television series for a while, and getting mini episodes screened is a big step. There are going to be 4 mini episodes in total (with a 5th realeased on the web) at about 1:30 each. Because of this time restraint, we have resorted to cramming as much as we can into each episode, resulting some of the fastest paced cartoons we have ever made. SO look out for these on the new series of Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe BBC4 - I'm not sure if it broadcasts in America, but as usual they'll appear on my site shortly after they're aired.

Fat-Pie Cartoons from last series of Screenwipe:
Christmas (Unaired)
Jerry's Replacement Christmas Cartoon
TV Is Shit
Panel Shows
The Blob's Performance
Jerry's TV Cartoon (Unaired)

So there you go. And as for Salad Fingers 8, it could come out this week, or next month. I really can't tell.

Fat-Pie Update

I have made a new cartoon and I invite you all to have a look.

Thank you for not not reading this.

Health Reminder

Very Important Health Reminder (new cartoon)

Cosmic Lazer

2007-07-18 10:43:29 by Doki

Hello there chaps. Just a little post to plug an ANIMATED music video I've made. It's called Cosmic Lazer by MC Devvo and Shady Piez. Some of the pics were drawn by Devvo himself.

Watch it here

or in high quality here

Cosmic Lazer

Fat-Pie stuff coming soon

2007-07-16 21:23:12 by Doki

I have news for all.

Coming soon:

1. Salad Fingers Episode 8: "Cupboard"

I've completed this but I'm just in the process of aquiring some rights to a bit of music I made the mistake of kindly asking to use.

2. Burnt Face Man episode 8. Possibly soon, but it's causing me a few problems so it might be a while yet.

3. Health Reminder. It's important that I tell you a few things. New cartoon about stuff. i don't really like to give too much away. But it's semi silly.

I've also made a new Locust Toybox album called "Felt Crayons" you can download and use in your flash cartoons if you want. I don't mind. I made it for fun. Get it here.

So to summarise, even though I've been a bit quiet recently there is a lot in the pipeline.